What Is Riff Taff?

Riff Taff Music Networking started out as Riff Taff Promotions in January 2015. For the first time in many years I found myself debt-free and as someone that loved going to live shows, I decided I would like to be more actively involved in the under the radar music scene; to help people nurture their talents and try to help them make the step up to the next level.


Over a year and a half RTP put on around 50 or so gigs, mostly of the hard rock/melodic metal kind, with the occasional punky ones too. In June 2016, I decided to take Riff Taff in a slightly different direction. There always seemed to be people on social media asking for advice in various music matters. The plan was and is to combine social media with live networking events, to give people the chance to meet face to face and expand their contacts within the music industry.

On 4th August 2016 the Riff Taff Music Networking Group launched on Facebook and in less than three months went past the 1000 member mark. After the success of the first 4 London events we expanded into Brighton, an event that was so oversubscribed we had to extend it across 2 nights! We've since had requests to put them on in other towns and cities across the South of England and the plan is to continue to grow from there. If you'd like us to arrange an event in your town head over to the contact page and drop us a note.

Riff Taff Music Networking nights are free entry evenings designed to help bring people in the world of music together. It's a chance for musicians, promoters, venue managers, music PR, label owners, internet radio DJs, graphic designers, photographers, videographers and ANYONE in the music world to get together and get to know each other better. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Ivan Roberts

Music Lover / Networker

Riff Taff Music Networking

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